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Sha Ra Ku Mono Tomato Knife

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Sha Ra Ku Mono Tomato Knife
List price: $110.00
Your price: $79.00
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Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 13.25in. × 3.25in. × 0.75in.


The Tomato knife from Sha Ra Ku Mono is a great addition to any kitchen, be it home or professional. The micro-serrated blade is perfect for cutting into soft things without crushing them as well.  It will quickly become your first choice for all your prepping needs.
The Sha Ra Ku Mono series was created by the internationally recognized industrial designer, Komin Yamada, to reflect a fusion of Japanese tradition and modernity. The distinctive black squares on the handle bring to mind both the keen edges of traditional Japanese cutlery and the windows of modern cities.
The high molybdenum/ vanadium steel blades provide long term edge retention and a super-fine edge, while still able to be sharpened at home.
Sha Ra Ku Mono blades are integrated with the handle, providing a simple and beautiful look that is very easy to care for. The shape of the handle, which gradually becomes thicker from bolster to heel makes the knife easier to hold, and guides the hand to the proper position.