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Zen Yanagiba

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Zen Yanagiba
List price: $145.00
Your price: $109.00
A savings of 24%
Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 15in. × 3in. × 1in.

Sharpened only on one side the Yanagiba from the Zen series will make sushi night a breeze. It features a concave back allowing rolls and meat to not stick to the blade. The weight is perfect for small bones and fillets.  It will quickly become your first choice for all your slicing needs.

 Featuring a VG-10 core with 2 softer layers folded over it and a chestnut wood handle, the Zen series from Tojiro is the highlight of any kitchen. Utilizing over 5 manufacturing processes for the edge, the Zen line combines traditional Japanese techniques with modern production methods. 
You will not find a better price for a knife of this quality!