The History of a Classic Seattle Knife Store

A father and son explore the store

Seattle Cutlery began as a dream to bring to better knives to the city of Seattle. At the time of its founding in 1978, Seattle Cutlery was a small knife store with big dreams. An owner operated business with culturally diverse and worldly individuals at its helm, Seattle Cutlery aimed to enrich the lives of its community and customers.

It started with what was at the time, and original idea involving the import of unique, quality goods from the heart of Japan. Companies like Nike started in the very same way, importing Tiger shoes from Japan into the United States. This was happening at the same time. For Seattle Cutlery, that quality product was handcrafted Tojiro knives. Both Seattle Cutlery and Nike saw great success, admittedly the distribution was a bit skewed. Knives and shoes aren’t one in the same however, so this was hardly discouraging.

Seattle Cutlery entered into an early partnership with a then-upstart Washington company called Costco. For a time, it was a provider of quality knives to the soon to be giant chain business. It was a busy few years as Costco grew.

Pike Place Market entered the picture early, and Seattle Cutlery fell in love with the tight knit community and charitable attitudes in the market. It was a friendly and secure place to do business. Every customer had a unique story, and the staff loved to listen.

Seattle Cutlery started adding new products to the store as it got more attention and the store owner, Peter, traveled the world. Whenever he thought something could sell well, he’d strike up a deal and bring it back to the store. The collection of items grew to include knife accessories, pocket knifes, knife bags, sharpening stones, and kitchen appliances.

Today, Seattle Cutlery is located between Bavarian meats and and a few doors down from the original Starbucks store in downtown Seattle – Pike Place Market. The store lets customers try out knives, testing them on common vegetables. We encourage you to stop by and experience blades first hand, feel the etched characters in the steel, and talk to Seattle Cutlery’s experienced staff on all knife related matters.

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