The 5 Best Knife Stores In Seattle

There are several popular knife stores in Seattle. We’ve taken the time to rate them by relevance and popularity.

5. Epicurean Edge
A popular destination in Bellevue, Epicurean edge is sure to satisfy many of your questions regarding knives. The store is small with your typical selection of household name brands. They carry some generic Japanese blades along with French Blades and some specialty pocket knives.

4. Seattle Knife Sharpening & Supply
A sharpening store in Greenwood, Seattle Knife Sharpening & Supply focuses heavily on their sharpening services. The store has a limited selection of knives compared to other stores on this list, but their convenient location and great service more than makes up for this.

3. Seattle Edge
The reviews tell a truthful tale for this knife store. They provide excellent customer service while also having an above-average selection of cutlery. The knives here are priced highly however, and it can be difficult to find an affordable deal. They also offer premium pocket knives.

2. Sur La Table
This is a great place to pick up your new kitchen appliances while also browsing for new cutlery. This Seattle cutlery store has humble roots, but it’s now grown into a large chain business that spans several states. Sur La Table is on Pike Street Market a few doors down from Seattle Cutlery.

1. Seattle Cutlery
Seattle Cutlery is the only store on this list that provides vegetables for you to test the knives with. All of Seattle Cutlery’s knives can be taken for a test run in the store. They also pocket knives and are conveniently placed next to several other Cutlery stores and kitchenware stores in Pike Place Market.
Knife bags, accessories, manicure, knife sharpening, and popular items for professional chefs can also be purchased here.

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