What’s the best knife for you?

Types of Knives

At Seattle Cutlery, we offer numerous different types and styles of knives. We’ve put together a list to get you acquainted with the different, specialized, and specialty pieces that we include in our inventory.


The santoku is similar to the chef’s knife, but with an added drop point for additional precision. You can use this knife to slice, dice and chop meats and vegetables.

Chef’s Knife

Given the name, these knives are built with the professional chef in mind. With this knife you can slice, dice, and chop all manner of things with ease.

Utility Knife

The utility knife is purpose built for coring, trimming fruits, and cutting away excess fat on meats. Living up to its name, this knife is great for many everyday uses.

Paring Knife

When you think paring knife, you think pears, so it cuts fruit right? You’d be correct. This knife is perfect for cutting and peeling small fruits and vegetables.

Bread Knife/Slicer

The bread knife features a long, narrow serrated blade to slice anything that’s harder on the outside and than on the inside, like fresh warm breads and cakes, bagels, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.

Boning Knife

This knife is perfect for deboning chicken or beef. Typically in the butcher knife category, this knife provides superior control when compared to less specialized knives.

Cheese Knife

Don’t let the strange appearance be off-putting. Cheese knives are specially designed so cheese does not stick to the blade, and for spreading soft cheeses with the tip.

Carving Knife

Make thin, even slices of your favorite meats. Additionally, you can use this knife to confidently slice larger fruits and vegetables, like melons or eggplant.

Starting Out

An 8″ chef’s knife, or a “gyuto” as it’s otherwise called, is in our opinion, the best option for starting your premium knife collection.
It’s a great all round knife, and can effectively do many everyday tasks in a beginner or advanced chef’s kitchen.

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Building your collection

If you’ve already purchased a chef’s knife, we recommend that you try a Japanese vegetable knife. Also called a “nakiri” the vegetable knife is a perfect compliment to a chef’s knife. Designed for clean slicing, chopping and dicing, this wide blade makes easy work of leafy greens and vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

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For Professional Chefs

Are you an experienced chef looking for a great new product to add to your collection? We’d like to point your towards our line of Tojiro Sushi Knives. The single bevel “yanagiba”, “takohiki”, and “deba” are blade designs unique to Japan, and widely coveted among Japanese sushi chefs. We encourage you to find out why these products are so valued in Japanese kitchens.