Premium cutlery from Japan. Embrace elegance, available online or at our physical store while supplies last.

Sha Ra Ku Mono

These knives are full molybdenum and vanadium steel, a metal so resistant to corrosion that it’s usually reserved for surgical equipment.


This is the premium line of Shippu knives. Like other Tojiro series, it features 63 layer damascus stainless steel over a VG10 cutting edge. 


Cobalt alloy cutting edge, wrapped with molybdenum and vanadium steel. Classic Japanese durability and  premium feel.

Shippu Black

Features 63 layer damascus stainless steel over a VG10 cutting edge. These knives include a black oxide anodized protective finish.

Zen Black

These knives are anodized with a black oxide finish to give them a sleek look while simultaneously providing an extra protective layer.


The Atelier are freehand forged by Tojiro’s master bladesmith. Made with high and low alternating carbon steel with nickel composite. Sixty-three layers of damascus steel.


Sabatier Cuisine Idéal knives are imported from Thiers, France, the knife capital of Europe. 

Sharpening Stones

Stones of the highest grade. Special ordered from the heart of Japan.