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Nakiyo Extra Large Professional Combination Waterstone

Nakiyo Extra Large Professional Combination Waterstone

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Synthetic corundum waterstones are the tool of choice for most skilled sharpeners, and for good reason. Offering faster action than diamond stones without damaging your knives like pull-through and automatic sharpeners, these stones produce a finer finish than nearly any other method.

Nakiyo waterstones are made of solid bonded corundum and feature a much larger surface area—over 24 square inches—than other stones on the market in order to improve durability and ease of use. A non-slip rubber base is included with each stone.

Nakiyo combination stones conveniently combine two grits into one stone. Simply sharpen your knife with the coarser side before flipping it over and using the finer side. 

Grit Guide

We offer two combination stones with a total of four commonly used grits. Each stone fills a different role, but both together can cover the entirety of your sharpening needs—and come with additional savings when purchased as a bundle!

  • 240/1000: Very coarse (240) for repairing chips, dents, and badly blunted edges. Medium (1000) as a bridge between coarse and fine grits, or as a starting point for knives that don't need substantial work. It can be used as a finishing grit for rougher edges.
  • 3000/8000: Fine (3000) as a bridge between medium and very fine grits, or as a starting point for touching up an already well-maintained edge. Very fine (8000) for finishing an ultra-sharp edge.

Looking for a specific grit that isn't included here? We offer single-grit sharpening stones in five stages from 220 to 6000. Nakiyo finishing stones are also available in even higher grits for extreme sharpness.

Tips & Care

Nakiyo waterstones must be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes before use and kept wet during use by periodically dripping or spraying water onto the surface. They should not be submerged for long-term storage.

Be sure to sharpen your knife at its correct edge angle. This will typically be 15-18° for Japanese knives and 20-25° for Western knives.

Your stone will last for many years of regular use and care, but over time, it will preferentially wear in areas where you apply the most pressure. The surface can be easily flattened with a flattening stone to restore it to maximum effectiveness.

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Material: Corundum (aluminum oxide)

Dimensions: 20 × 8 × 3 cm (7.9" × 3.1" × 1.2")

Weight: 790 g (1 lb 11.8 oz)

Base: Silicone