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Sabatier Idéal 4-Piece Set with Magnetic Stand

Sabatier Idéal 4-Piece Set with Magnetic Stand

804480, 814780, ND-2010
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Sabatier Idéal is our flagship line of European kitchen knives, perfect if you're looking for familiar styling paired with a relatively hard blade steel and fine balance. Sabatier's traditional French construction makes these similar in appearance to German knives, but the petite handles and narrower blades provide for agility and comfort.

What you get

100 mm (4.0") Paring Knife: The smallest knife typically found in the chef's arsenal, the paring knife is also the most agile. Perfect for paring fruits and vegetables, its narrow tip also makes it handy for garnish work and for fine tasks such as deveining shrimp.

130 mm (5.1") Utility Knife: This mid-sized serrated knife is perfect for odd jobs—especially things that are tough to cut with a plain-edged knife, such as bread, tomatoes, and produce with thick rinds.

170 mm (6.7") Santoku: Meaning "knife of three virtues," the santoku bōchō (三徳包丁) is a Japanese take on the chef's knife. While still an excellent all-purpose knife, the santoku's broader blade and more obtuse tip make it an ideal chopper and an excellent complement to the Western chef's knife. In a nod to the pattern's Japanese heritage, this is the only knife in the Idéal series without a bolster.

200 mm (8.0") Chef's Knife: The chef's knife is your go-to tool for larger tasks. Originally designed for processing red meat, it excels at slicing and carving, but it can also be used to chop vegetables near the heel.

Magnetic Bamboo Knife Stand: This stand of our very own design, normally $39.90, is included with the set as our gift to you. It stands freely on your counter and securely holds up to five knives with blades of up to 9.5". We offer it in two shades—pick your favorite!

Materials & Design

Sabatier Idéal blades are forged from N4116 Nitro+, a nitrogen-infused stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 58-60. This relatively hard, highly corrosion-resistant medium offers a middle ground between hard but brittle Japanese steels and tough but soft German steels. As such, Sabatier knives can hold a fine edge through moderately hard use and can also be easily maintained with a honing steel between sharpenings.

The handle is made from black POM (polyacetal), valued for its hardness, rigidity, and dimensional stability. The black scales are secured to the full-tang blade with three stainless steel rivets.

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Length: Paring: 100 mm (3.9") blade, 200 mm (7.9") overall
Utility: 130 mm (5.1") blade, 225 mm (8.9") overall
Santoku: 170 mm (6.7") blade, 295 mm (11.6") overall
Chef: 200 mm (8.0") blade, 315 mm (12.4") overall

Weight: Paring: 65 g (2.3 oz)
Utility: 75 g (2.6 oz)
Santoku: 180 g (6.3 oz)
Chef: 175 g (6.2 oz)

Blade: N4116 Nitro+

Edge: Double bevel (chef, santoku, paring), serrated (utility)

Handle Material: Riveted POM/polyacetal

Handle Shape: Western