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Sha Ra Ku Mono Utility Knife

Sha Ra Ku Mono Utility Knife


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The utility knife is a medium-sized, multipurpose blade that offers the versatility of a chef’s knife in a smaller package.


Your go-to helper for most smaller tasks that require more finesse than a large knife can provide, the utility knife can be used for slicing and chopping meat, fish, and vegetables, as well as for carving poultry, paring fruits and vegetables, and cutting tough foods like cured meats.


Sha Ra Ku Mono blades are forged from molybdenum-vanadium alloy stainless steel, which finely balances edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. This material is slightly softer than the VG-10 steel used in other Tojiro knives and significantly harder than European knife steels.

The handle is made from hollow 18/8 stainless steel, crafted with the blade as a single piece. Much like a traditional wooden wa handle, its light weight keeps the knife's balance farther forward than on European knives. The ergonomic shape allows it to be gripped either by the handle or with a more versatile pinch grip.

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Length: 140 mm (5.5") blade, 250 mm (9.8") overall

Weight: 85 g (3.0 oz)

Blade: Molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel

Edge: Double bevel

Handle Material: Hollow 18/8 stainless steel

Handle Shape: Ergonomic